Channeling: What to Make of it, How to Learn It

Channeling “involves achieving an expanded state of consciousness that allows you to connect with a high-level guide or your higher or source self. To channel, you do not have to be spiritually evolved or have been psychic all your life; you do need patience, perseverance, and a strong desire to make the connection… Channeling is a skill that can be learned.” – From Opening to Channel: How to Connect with your Guide, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

I have been channeling for about 15 years, starting mostly for personal use, and occasionally offering it to others. I channel for my NL readers, usually monthly. I wanted to share how I view channeling, and how one might use the information. Also, a few resources if you’d like to learn to do this yourself.

I love how the authors above and other intuitives say that anyone can learn this skill. Do you have to be able to predict your future or even the day ahead? No. For me, it’s not about prediction, except in a general way. It’s about perspective, which is a big piece of all wellness and healing.

When I first started channeling, I asked who the guide was and it said Jon. I asked about the spelling and he corrected me, saying no, it’s J-O-H-N. Then I just asked spontaneously – anything else I need to know? He said, “The Baptist”. OH! That John, Lol. Hi there…

The guide source changed over the years – next a female trinity, next a group of Pleidians (distant star system). The 1992 book, Bringers of the Dawn was an exciting one that had some of this Pleidian framework. Nowadays, the source doesn’t seem as important for me to identify. They say they’re a “we”, and it still feels like a Pleidian-based source, which I resonate with.

How can there be this kind of messaging or communication from these sources? It makes sense to me that there are worlds beyond what we see; I’ve always felt that. Also, some beings want to help. Earth and our current growth edge in evolution seem a special experiment. Makes sense that It’s closely watched and invested in, by energies outside of us monkeys aboard.

Channeling can connect with intelligence beyond the veil. It can also hook you up to your higher self, your higher intelligence. Even if that is a deeper intuitive voice or a deeper part of your brain, that is fine with me. Do you get an uplift? Are you occasionally surprised, in a good way? Cool. Intuitive Lee Harris notes that if the channeling resonates, it will life your “frequency”, your state. You will be able to tell if this happens. It’s a good thing.

All of the “who is it” and the “how can this work” stuff? Not as important to me now. What is relevant is that every time I do this, I get helpful information and perspective. I am not the kind of channel that can give you the details of future scientific breakthroughs – at least not at this point. I think of Kyron, channeled by Lee Carroll. He predicted things way ahead of many later-proven breakthroughs.

I consider channeling a practice, just like meditation. It’s part of a practice menu of several types of morning centering and meditation options. It’s the little things that make me think it’s real – such as the choice of words I’d never use, and the jokes that come in when I might be a bit under the weather. Anything that brings humor is welcome and helpful.

I find Lee Harris to be another instructive and encouraging source for this type of energy healing info. He has been an Intuitive for a couple of decades and channels a group the Zs. He believes anyone can channel and that it’s a super helpful practice. He has a course for this you can find here.

Often you will feel a benefit and/or encouraging perspective right away. Does it help your state of being to channel? Great. Does it provide other angles of viewing a current challenge? Superb. It may not work for everyone, just like pickleball. Follow what’s right for you. If it serves as a personal pep talk, that again, is helpful.

I am a conscious channel, which means I don’t go off into a trance where you could steal my wallet, lol. I do close my eyes, and ask for that connection. One sign is deeper breathing. As you may know, belly breathing will turn off the fight or flight response. Then I will just sit at the computer and type what comes in. Or write in a journal. Or record it on the phone. Let me try it right now, and show you how a channel for the day might look. They often start with dear one etc. They’re often quite kind and loving.

Hello Denise. Good morning. We commend you for this explanation, as channeling or connecting with the beyond is a good thing for all. It is an evolutionary stage, a step towards more intuition and subtler forms of communication. Future steps will include telepathy. Spiritually speaking, channeling also is a method to keep in touch with the deeper sides of yourself and your world. To what’s really going on under the surface.

The veins of truth, the breath of god – we would not be too far off with the last. Perhaps a heartbeat of the cosmos can be touched upon a bit more. You are not alone, dear ones. You are not here only to watch TV, haha. You are here to participate in the useful evolution toward unity, toward kindness to the earth, toward a new way of collaboration, toward this New Earth that has been spoken of. Channeling is one simple and yes, easy way to keep in touch with this deeper mission.

How do you know it’s a good source, and trustworthy? A common question. And you are the judge, you are the driver, you are the adult in the room so to speak. If this info feels resonant, you can run with it and test it out. Even if it seems relevant, you may not always be ready to act on it. If irrelevant, toss.

Most of the time, for Denise, channeling provides support, encouragement, and a slight resetting that connects to her best self and work. It can also be a place to ask questions about current challenges. We hope you’ll check it out for yourself.

There you go. So, it’s not always huge stuff and no, it’s not rocket science either. Sometimes you will be surprised – usually, I think that’s a good sign. And those perhaps unwelcome surprises? For example, in this last new moon channel (July 2021), the guides mentioned that 2024 was more of the crux point than 2012 was thought to be. How do you interpret that?

My sense of things like this – and here is where the information will collude with beliefs you already have – is that this decade is a corridor of change. Where the rubber will meet the road. You may already sense this. The global pandemic may be just the beginning of a series of planet-changing events beyond our control. Do we sit in the corner shaking? No. Is it important to be doing the soul work you came here for? Yes. That’s the soul savvy philosophy, whether during earth changes or peaceful hammock times.

In conclusion – there are so many sources of information these days. We scan them and move on. Channeling can be one of several practices, perhaps a source of news and information – either your own or other trusted sources. When a source doesn’t resonate, it’s not usually a big deal. So take what’s relevant, and leave the rest. And on we go, to the next soulful turning point.

Thanks for being here. Share your relevant thoughts below.


Denise Barnes, licensed therapist, soul-fired coach, and intuitive 7/15/21 11:11 am MST

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