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The New Moon Channel is now delivered as a monthly forecast at the first quarter moon time.


This month there is an audio of the forecast channeling, and the written transcript. The written words have been edited. Thanks for reading!

Greetings, Dear Brethren and Dear Kin. Breathe with us.

The breath is your first level of defense. And indeed, there is a fight; there is a battle; there is a big shindig going on at this time. The levels of change and upheaval will be magnifying, and it is important as ever for you to remember the big picture. That the surface areas, the morning news, the changing of government, the parade of tragedies are not the focus or target that you have come to anchor, that you have come to wrestle with. This is the background.

The foreground here is how you, as a member of the light family here, now, remain centered, remain light giving, and remain somewhat at peace in your own existence during this time.

This existence, this body, your loved ones, and occupation seem so compelling as if they are the main reality to feed. And that makes us smile because it’s a very convincing template here. It is a very well-developed game that you’ve agreed to play. Well Designed. And the heart of this game is your heart. The heart of this game is having the tools to feel emotions but not be dragged down by them. Having the tools to stay abreast every day. To stay heartful and centered. To move fluidly.

To notice that your body is just a small part of your reality and your spirit. Just as it is with your friends, family, relatives that you would wish to convert to the light. You can remember there is their light reality just as there is yours. And this is a much bigger picture, the light within you both, and a much deeper truth than the body, than the news in the morning.

So, as we start this month of September, just passing the anniversary of September 11th, another compelling fact and huge occurrence among the many that occur in this game and this existence, know that the fall is a shaky time and that practices are key. It is never too late to establish that solid ground, that supportive and luminous ground where you refresh your light each day. Activate light activities to keep you going and keep remembering the bigger picture.

Waking up and remembering the bigger picture is the focus now for the next weeks. Astrologically, at the end of the month that mercury is going retrograde/is already slowing down and patience and willingness to be surprised are good skills and qualities for the road ahead.

As we’ve mentioned it is a good time to organize a bit and just put in front of you what are the most important projects for the next few months before this year ends. It’s a bit like juggling and a bit like herding cats to be focused externally as well as In. This. Time. So do not pressure yourselves, do not beat yourself up for things that aren’t happening as easily or seem to take a long time. You are healing many things as you walk through the game. And we are blessing you for this willingness and this agreement to help.

There are those that fight wars that are in the physical plane. You are warriors on a different plane, and it is just as intense of a fight. But remember to have a playful sense at times, as if this is a game of Battleship or Clue. We wouldn’t say Candy Land, but there are moments of joy that sustain you, and there is plenty of help from the place you are from, from the reality you will return to.

In the recent divination tools, there are reminders to a) use them and b) know that part of this is so much beyond your control that a sense of surrender, and flexibility, and willingness is key. And also that when your plans get disrupted this is an opportunity to work the path. To flex the muscles of growth and become at ease with change.

Many of you are working with very deep issues through many lives. Issues around nourishment, around creativity, and love. Side issues of health, addictions, relate to these also. Anything that you are healing is not just for you but for the many, for your ancestors, as well as the galaxy, the big picture, the expansive creation, including all the way to the galactic center, and the galactic creator, and all through the matrix that is so old and vast.

Little steps that you take, that contribute, are part of this, shall we say, success. Part of the game you really came to play. These words are not so translatable…but you might understand them as success or winning. Perhaps we should say “Carpe Diem. Seize the Day”. When you have a good day, this is a very good thing. in this game and in this time. Day at a time, it is said.

By the time the new year rolls in, things will be different. And that will be true every quarter or every half of a year… The changes will be happening very fast.

So to summarize the these of this pre-equinox period dear friends: Take time to refresh your ground and soul in this first quarter moon time. Refresh your soul’s intent for this life, and for this next ending of the year Take stock of your health and practices so that you are in it for the long game. Keep adjusting to allow the most joy possible. Remember your YES to this mission, and appreciate yourself, your Self for the caring and intelligence of joining this light family excursion.

We bless you for your hearts and souls, Aho. Amin. Amen.


Good greetings to you Soul Savvy readers,

You are entering the canal of truth, of change, of the end of denial. This is yes, as large as it sounds. You have, the inhabitants of earth and this area of the cosmos, been working up to this for many years. Many lives. Many experiences you will bring to the fore as you navigate the still then stormy waters.

There is a song that a close kin of Denise shared, we’d suggest she share again here. In it, a context is given for the magnitude of the changes. This is a time when that old saying, ”In the world but not of it”, would be applicable. This is a time when all of your past can be brought in to the now. All of its wisdom, its cunning, its grace and its … chutzpah.


For the next three years / several years, you will not be able to entertain as many focuses as usual. Good to name the main three. And then be aware of your first priority. These change with time. For parents there are times when raising resilient children will be the priority. In ten years’ time, that changes. Even grand-parenting shifts with the child’s changing development.

Take stock of the soul picture, and that time is not endless. The next ten years are full of surprises, some welcome, some not. Befriend death and live as if it could intrude tomorrow – or next month for example. Get your house in order, and your god parents and wills finished. Your clutter cleared as much as possible to make the journey ahead smooth and focused.


It will seem as if there is a war zone outside your doorstep, but this is not the truth. Remain amused, resilient and beneficent. Know that your neighbors are also soul’s children, whatever their role in the current transformation drama. Bless the cursing.

The more your compass and path is clear, the better able your goodness and creativity can be applied to the navigation challenges ahead. Death is not the problem. Ignoring soul wisdom and urges will cause distress now. Take the time needed to center and release so you can respond in the best way when the buckles in the road require more nimbleness than usual.


The task for this next month is to roar and wrestle with the recent Lion’s gate (8/8) pressure in a way that a sculptor presses upon clay. Create your best vessel of self. Update this mold of your next steps. Of what you most wish to manifest in the rest of the year.

August into September is about that seeding of the final months of 2021. This is a pivotal year, it turns out. There will not be endless time to get it perfect, so set up your skeleton of your next creative wishes. If there is work you wish to do, set up a simple package that can invite in customers. Talk to friends. If there is growth in relationship you desire, do the footwork now to gracefully share your vision and make your request of the team, of the partner.


Though there are too many fires afoot, it is a good season to name what needs releasing. Write this and burn it. Breathe it out into the rivers of your imagination. Clear as much clutter before 8/22’s full moon as you can, and continue through the end of the month.

As the moon wanes (August 30th 3rd quarter and the New Moon September 6th), complete for now, this cycle of clearing. This will make room for what is ahead. You will be able to enjoy the ride more if you can clear any dross, reestablish regular body/mind/heart grounding and centering practices, and most important, name the dream of yours you wish to activate this rest of year. Name the dream(s) to complete before you die.

Take a breath with us, children of the change, and receive our hopeful blessing. Our grateful appreciation. Our loving collaboration and way showing. You are also way showers; may you be clear, calm and smiling.

Yours in love,

The Gnarly Times Guides
Denise Barnes,


New Moon reading for Soul Savvy readers July 11, 2021

Greetings Kind Way Showers,

The crescent moon will show her slender smile tonight, just as the glimmers of your next soul projects will wink their essence into a new phase. Let yourself dream at the outset, at this pivot point. How would you like to feel as this manifests? Yes, ideally …

When you take time for the energy design, you get to inject ease. You get to include amusement. Time for resets and replenishment. Fellow comrades who give you joy and support. All of the dream bits you need for mastery and peaceful creating.

This does not need to be a pressure path. Yet there is pressure. There is a shortage of time to waste. You may have heard it said that you’re already home, the thing is done, the thing succeeded. Yet, it is also unfolding as we speak. And your next steps beckon and wait in the ethers, for your lovely toes to dip forth.

Let’s breathe now into the new form you seek. Imagine all of it taking shape. Time for it all. Money to support it and sanctuaries to live within. Synchronicities to be amazed by, dreams to fulfill. How do you feel there? That’s the first draft of the design. Practicing the feeling, and exercising the imagination. If you can dream it, it’s possible.

The next steps in the design are listening for the Light to manifest the form through ideas that descend. They may not always make “perfect sense” to the mind; be willing to experiment anyway. Energy first. Then physical, mental, emotional moves.

When resistance arises, don’t necessarily conclude your efforts. Sometimes the rushing water and annoying splashes smooth the stone. Be persistent when needed, and listen within to know what pushback means. Get help or feedback if you are stuck. This concerns your soul work, the deep path, which is often alongside the day to day maintenance and commitments already in motion.

Lastly, check your foundations (health, welfare, relationships), and refresh your practices to withstand shocks and surprises. Nothing to fear here, but surprises such as pandemics are impactful. Know this is not the full story or something to get lost in. Watch for the moment of your truth to emerge. Rise to this occasion.

It won’t happen overnight, no, but it is starting. We are here with you – all of the many beings supporting the new earth. And you. Remember your guides, angels, ancestors all around. Take that time to connect and nourish from these rich healing chambers designed to support you.

Thank you again for your courage and dedication to positive change for this world and beyond.

Aho, amin amen and blessings to you and yours.

New Moon Soul Savvy Channel, 6/9/21 

Greetings children of the new way. No, you are not kids at all, but children in the way that you can invite play, and that you are open to what it takes now to create this next part of the journey. That will involve a willingness to be surprised.

First know that it is a good time for some respite care, lol. If there is any way, even in the weekend ahead, to stop be still and chill, welcome it (yes this is from Denise’s comedy character Tina – we did not make that up lol). A good little break to breathe deep, to regroup. To reset, and even rename what is next for you, in this journey to maximize soul sharings. In this journey to proceed with your unfolding of the beauty of Creator and the co-creation.

We know it can be frustrating to be riding your horses amidst so many changes. To set a path and then have it collapse in upheaval. So be reassured that surprise and change are the names of the game now.

If the plan and project is real for you, it will return at the right time, if this is not the time. In this current moment, let things empty and see what emerges. Eclipses (yes, with this moon and the last), approaching Solstice – these are good times to pause, to check calibration. To check intentions and what’s behind them.

To plan a bit of recovery time if edges are crispy as they were with Denise. To take care of any Body business and needs. To have some fun in a way that feels safe for you. To dream and let the new colors form.

If some recent changes have been unwelcome, know that this is for the purpose of healing. Of metta practices and increasing capacity for self-honoring, self-healing. As usual, we suggest avoiding fretting.

We remind, as Denise was reminded today, of the importance of “amusement”. If you’ve misplaced your amusement temporarily, that can be a sign that a break is indeed needed. Amusement makes creation much more simple and ease-filled. Amusement makes the world go round.

Listen to your heart. This holds the hidden but emerging new wisdom for what’s next. What’s next is not predictable right now. The good news is, it’s a whole new adventure. The bad news for some, it is not business as usual. Keep up the business as usual that supports you, and welcome new designs. Know that you are loved and supported.

Aho to you, and your kin. Blessings on your next steps and dances

New Moon reading for Soul Savvy readers, 5/12/21

Greetings kin, from the lens of Denise and the busy but hopefully Merry Month of May. At least Merry Moments, lol.

Yes it is a time of acceleration, yet again. You may find there are unexpected workloads that arrive – joyful and interesting at times, yet unexpected. This is partly the clearing and prep for the Fall’s great movement, and partly for aid to you individually. This work is meant to grow you in a way that is needed now, and needed for the next steps, for your future empowerment and abundance.

And what is now going on is likened to the seed sprout – it awakens in the dark. It perhaps has memory to know that this is ok, but we can imagine any seeds prone to anxiety might be freaked out at first. WTF! Where am I? And the instincts help there, and the angel’s voices remind the seedling, relax and breathe. Exhale long, little one. Feel the warmth and the water arriving. Make effort when you can, to reach, to stretch. Rest too when the demands of this moment’s growth ease up for a spell.

And Operate from your core, where the nutrients reside. In the human body, this can look like breathing into your belly. Feeling the pelvis in its seat. Letting the heart lead actions. Taking time to stay mindful through your senses, through your breathing, through your connections to the other plants you love nearby.

And remembering why you are working on this. Why you work hard in this life. The deeper level. We had to remind Denise, and affirm her – thank you for giving this lifetime your all. We thank you all for this. We remind you that breathing represents the small breaks in the day, and seeing color, and smelling the spring air, and hearing bird song. And longer breaks are also needed when possible, to restore and reset.

The most important thing to know now, is there is an intensity that is here to take advantage of, for the remainder of May and most of the month of June. Take it on with good will and put the shoulder and elbow grease lol into it. Yes, use your energy intentions to set the space for what you most want to create, when possible. It is packed and frenetic though, so aim your sights on a deeper reset and reorganization in the month of July. Just in time for Independence Day (US) and the summer time.

Let us know if you have questions. Yes, you can email Denise with these and we will speak through this channel to your curiosities and concerns (soulbizsavvy at gmail, or hit reply if on the NL list).

We bless you from our sweet home, Pleiades. Thank you for your kind work and goodness. Aho, Amin, Amen.

March 2021 New Moon channel

Greetings dear kin.

We’ll start this message with the suggestion, and perhaps a bit of a stronger prompt for this time.

Lean into your soul work now.

Prepare your garden of growth and joy. Oh yes, we hear you, not all soul work is immediately blissful. We hear you! You may be busy with the family/relationship support needs, you may have to muscle into your schedule a bit to create “time” for those areas that do not yet have a dedicated zone.

It’s not though, as hard as you may think to do this. Like many new practice advice, know that you can start as small as you want. Five or ten minutes you laugh? Oh yes, because then your magical soul side knows, she’s started. She’s turning that ship around. She’s gonna have some fun despite herself, lol…

We would just say that this spring time is yet another turning point. A clear invitation to more joy and depth with your true reason for being. For being here. For what your unique soul was created to share. No need to burden yourself with worries about income, with worries about later steps, with comparisons or criticisms for it being too late or questioning why it hasn’t happened yet. Unless of course you are writing a comedy!

It is a new moon today dear one, and you have about a week before the equinox portal. What would be a fine idea is to take the next week or so to clear the path, clear the area, make room in your life and schedule to lean in to the soul work. Which one you wonder? Try imagining which one you’d be very sad to not have dived into, if your death happened tomorrow.

If you are not sure, or things are such a mess that you can’t see what this would be – get some help. There is a lot out there. Sometimes it’s a simple meditation time. Journaling time. One coaching or therapy session may do it – but it can also be a time to invite support and the deeper healing that this time corridor supports.

So treat this next week as a clearing time, and a preparation time. There is no requirement or grading of this soul work. It is just a good time, and important time, for all you angels (smile) to either keep up the good work, or reverse the inertia of denying yourself the joy of creation.

So many falsehoods grabbing attention for why this is not possible!! The simple truth is – it is. Take your time. Small amounts work to get this in forward motion. Don’t think you have to get your office neat and clean – if that were the case, ha ha, Denise would be in trouble.

Feel free to create from the chaos, and then you can reward yourself with the lists and the decluttering. Get to the soul’s call now. Or OK tomorrow or just set it up for a lovely pole vault as equinox hits.

Fun gets to be a part of this. Love will result. Your unique contribution is needed now. And this stream of it – more joy than you can imagine. And that never hurts this rainbow world.

We will tell you that Denise is happy to take any email questions on this topic – which you always can do in response to her newsletters. She welcomes a hello, and your reports from the field. soulbizsavvy at gmail

Big ass blessings of love and creativity,

Denise’s guides of Pleidian source code


Greetings fair kin!

We’ve moved home and headquarters starting 12/1 and completed a bath remodel. Dec and Jan were pretty nutty. At the moment we do have February’s channel on audio. We’ll be revising formats here as we head into the New Year 2021 – (which for us is just starting about Valentine’s day lol) – Keep us posted on what is working for you, what else would be helpful. soulbizsavvy at gmail.

Here is the channeled audio 2/14/21 for the next New Moon cycle that started 2/11/21.
and we also repeated the Active Coping audio in this month’s SoulSavvyNews, which has a lot of good suggestions. Sign up for our monthly missive on the right. This year we’ll be including more of the zany comedy Denise is known for.

Denise and the Soul Savvy team


Here are prior Soul Savvy Themes and Tools of the month. We include an intuitive write up for the themes.

The themes are helpful frameworks for working with current events. Tools provide the soul aligned mindset tools and heart-centered growth approaches you can use through the month and beyond.

Let us know how it goes with your comments or questions below.

Have an awesome month!
The Soul Savvy Team, Boulder CO


December 2020 Soul Theme & Tool Video
Soul Theme: Juggling Multiple Realities
Soul Tool: Active Coping

The Intuitive Write Up for December’s Soul Themes and Tools
channeled 11/27/20



Have a deep and wondrous month, and blessings on your soul path.

Denise Barnes,
Soul Savvy founder