Authentic Action Mastermind group

From Fear to Action,
so you move on with what matters!

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston Churchill

This group just ended. Join the mail list to hear about the next.

here is an excerpt from my Mastermind group-going since 2007
and a blog post about a group member’s healing work

According to some light worker fables, before this life, you swore  you wouldn’t forget your mission- not this time! But then you were speaking as your soul empowered being. When walking the earth, you have to deal with the ego’s fear. For the ego, any change is frightening, especially stepping into the soul’s mission. It’s easy to get shut down and forget, so easy to keep circling, to keep second guessing. Then the soul mission stays dormant, which creates terrible anxiety.

Without expression, that  work or project or soul desire to serve will burn a hole in  your heart.

You think you’d like to forget about this darn mission, and  sometimes almost do, but then it rises from the ashes to tug  on your conscience. Or pinch your butt.

You know that in the right time and place, you could get this  bird off the ground. But left to your own devices, your ego  talks you out of change, and standing in your power. So you get stopped, or “stucked up”. And then you live with the butt pinches and the deep anxiety in your heart, that you are missing something really important.

Truth? The angst of an unrequited soul calling or unfinished soul work leaves you with a lot worse than a sore butt. It is really important. You do need to do this. And you are not meant to do it alone. 

Seeing women empowered, fulfilled and on target with their work is a rare deal. Challenges can include coming up blank when you face the writing or creative time. Or worry about seeming pushy or inauthentic or greedy if you’re marketing or promoting your work. Or, fear of failure – or even outrageous success – and all those you might leave behind or who’d leave you. And let’s not forget perfectionism, another potent slayer at the gate.

Jeesh! It’s a wonder you even get out of bed in the morning!

And yet, there are those who, like the above quote says, keep courageously continuing. These warrioresses find creative work they love that abundantly supports them. So, how the heck do they do it?

You might have heard that successful people seek support – they go out of their way to find those who’ve been there, those who have similar dreams or callings, those who might mentor them or toss some wisdom at them. They get uppity and persistent when things derail; they see the learning and curve onward. They have a big fat “Why” behind continuing to subject themselves to this pain over and over – the “Why” that says this is why this matters – not only to me but to others and this needy world.

It’s 2014! Time to stop the pussy footing sabotage and serve those waiting!
It’s time for the

Authentic Action Mastermind Group

A soul family cadre to encourage your calling

A 3 month telephone and online Mastermind group
to develop your courage and strength, so that you step more fully into your soul work,
while honing your intuition, and healing your blocks.

Create the Momentum to Serve your Tribe and Love your Work!


  • Help to clearly name  your heart’s desire, however bold or modest, and take action
  • Energy manifestation tips so you create this beauty more easily and cleanly
  • High humor and creativity for keeping your perspective amidst challenge
  • Awareness of your unique blocks/fear chatter, so it loses its hold on you
  • Tips to hone your intuition and body knowing, so you trust yourself more
  • Inspiration and camaraderie to remember why this risk you’re taking ROCKS
  • A spirit-friendly format for mastermind groups and possibly a future mastermind comrade

In short, you’ll live as part of an adventure team, creating your unique mission/project/ contribution, and learning skills you’ll use forever. The time is now, and it’s a good day to serve. (Revised Klingon motto…)

Do you really need support to take the next courageous step?

There is a lot of puritan training out there that you  should be able to do things yourself – I know, I did it for years! But when you lean into that next really important step, that takes more courage and can challenge you mightily. In that discomfort, we tend to avoid the work. See if you’ve talked yourself out of it yet again, dammit. Or when another freakin’ year’s gone by and the mission is unexpressed. You weren’t meant to do this alone, you know. How much fun would that be?

Are you tired of feeling squished or sick to your stomach because of the things  you do for work?
You may know your gifts, and use them some of the time, yet you may also know and avoid the risks that could make your work expand, attract more clients and income, with integrity. And why avoid that? Well it is terrifying honestly. But more on that later. And, still – it’s no reason for avoidance, because that doesn’t work either, unfortunately.

Who is this group for?

  • Soul sensitive women, who want to make a contribution, and are tired of postponing joyful work or creative projects
  • Caring professionals with more passion to ignite and mo & bettah people to serve
  • Women here to help the new way of cooperation vs competition
  • Feisty change makers who can get a bit nervous about that quantum leap in front of them
  • Spirits having a human experience, who’d like a bit more ease & fulfillment on the job, using their true gifts

If you are ready to expand, to take the leap and stop letting the excuses win – this is your group.

LisaLI LOVE this group: what a great few months it’s been. This course was money well spent – on myself, which is rare! Really enjoyed the other women, the way you have us work together and apart, the added bonuses, the schedule of calls. You are really good about giving people time to reflect and not always filling those silent moments on the phone. I don’t know how you do that!

The magnetizing (energy work to create desires) as you know was absolutely fabulous. Most important, I now have a dynamite self intro, that made members of my BNI group sit up and “get” my message more clearly, after being in the group for a year! Thank you so much!

– Lisa Lindsey, Legal Shield, Boulder, CO

You will be lovingly challenged to follow the call of your soul. Where will that take you? Probably not exactly where you expect. But you’ll be so thrilled, you won’t care…

Whether your goal is attracting more clients, finishing a creative project, losing the day job or finding a better and higher paying job – this group will give you the support you need, and the healing tools to keep courageous long after.

What is different about this group?

Fear and stuckness are acknowledged as part of the road – yet confronted and tamed
Delicious laughter and unconventional tools will make stretching beyond your limits fun. OK, most of the time!
Money alone is not the almighty goal, but marketing or expressing yourself with authenticity and confidence is
When healing issues arise, as they do with most risk taking, you will not be sidelined, left out or told to suck it up

What’s included:

  • Group sacred space over the phone – twice a month, 75-90 minutes
  • Recordings of the calls – with all the tools, knowledge, breakthroughs and laughs
  • A dedicated Facebook to report in on progress twice a month, get support and have questions answered
  • Heart based guidance for entrepreneurs, healers and artists that may be unlike anything you’ve ever heard of
  • Spot-on intuitive wisdom to get to the heart of your mission and not be stopped by the BS
    BONUS 1: Fear as Ally Workbook
    BONUS 2: The Comedy of Sabotage mp3
  • WILD CARD BONUS: Occasional visits from Denise’s guides and / or Comedy Characters *

Your mission, is to join a sacred group that holds you all fall season, in service of taking authentic, soul-fired action. The intention of the group is to create more soul savvy work that abundantly supports you.


What’s included
Basic Level
Premium Options
Group Teleconferences
twice a month for 75 – 90 min each
Partner/buddy support and
Private Facebook Page
Additional Options
 1 Private Coaching Session
50 minutes, once per month
 Add $ 100 per month
(50% off)
2 Private Coaching Sessions
50 minutes, twice per month
Add $ 180 per month
Fear as Ally workbook and
The Comedy of Sabotage pdf
Comedy of Sabotage
* Wild Card Bonus:
* Intuitive Channelings and Comedy Character visits prn *
Pay Safely With PayPal below – most credit cards accepted. Or email to arrange checks.
Not yet Late Bird Price
before September 24th, 9 AM
$127 per month x 3
 $227 Add 1 private session
Add 2 private sessions
Regular Pricing
after Sept 24th, 9 AM
$147 per month x 3 $247 add 1 private session $327 add 2 private sessions

Your Mastermind Guide: Denise Barnes, MA, LPC

Denise Barnes is a licensed therapist, life coach, intuitive healer, and performer who is known for SAM_3978creating deep conversations about what matters most in life. For 19 years she served in the clinical setting as a therapist, trainer and supervisor, including stints on the Emergency Psychiatric team dealing with potential suicidal clients, and at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, supporting patients and caregivers. An Intuitive, she brings her psychic skills to heal blocks that may have a long history, and teaches clients to hone their own inner wisdom. Denise won the Best of Denver award for her Kick Ass Peace Prayers at the Mercury Cafe, and performed her one woman show, The Unlikely Activist, at the Boulder International Fringe Festival. She has been a member of a mastermind group since 2007, where she and colleagues share intimate support and healing tools whenever the gate to further evolution arises.

* WILD CARD BONUS: Denise channels a group of guides (John the Baptist, Areeanna, Octavia), and also performs as several comedy characters, (aka Tina Tomasicho, Jersey Wise Ass, and Dr. Chotka, the Mad Energy Healer). These special forces will be employed, prn (prn=as needed).


Group calls will be held Wednesdays at 5:00 – 6:30 Mountain time (4 pacific, 6 central, 7 eastern)
We’ll start Wednesday, September 24th, and then will meet every other week:
October 8th, 22nd, November 5th, 19th, and December 3rd, 17th
Payment below for the first month. You will be invoiced the first week of November and December.

Submit payment using the Pay Pal button – accepts most credit cards – or contact me to arrange check.
You will receive the Soul Mission questionnaire (allow this to begin your work) and recommended reading list.
Before the group starts, you will receive the bonuses, and the technical details for the phone calls and the FB group.

Regular pricing

 I had this huge block to writing the book that had been going  on for years – and I did find the voice and the format for it. But I  actually got something much more powerful out of the  experience. I uncovered enough layers of myself to trust in my  calling, to trust the path that I am on. 

 I feel like I left Denise’s care with a sort of lantern that allows  me to confidently take one bold step at a time in the direction  of learning and fulfilling my life’s work.

 – Morgan Rowe, Whole Soul Lab, Seattle, WA


1) Are men welcome in the group?
The short answer is yes. Any male human that is on this list or has heard about Soul Savvy and has been called to the flames, I mean community, is probably a better woman than we are. What I mean is, it takes special courage and yeah, Integration, for a man to have balls and heart. Women have always had round things (ovaries, wombs) and heart, so for us certain things have been easier. We need to get better at the pointy stuff. Just wait until menopause ladies, it gets easier.

2) Will I have to give up my long-cherished, BS core beliefs and sense of identity?
Probably. Kind of depends how crafty you are at hiding your true self and tricking others with your best interests at heart, i.e., your fellow comrades in the group. Most of us get pretty damn good at faking it, and making BS smell true, after decades of earth training. Better for the powers that be that we conform like little bleating sheep, than stand up ornery. Oops that first came out hornery – and I think that’s apt – combo sexy and uppity. Oh, and don’t worry. The new one’s better (identity). But yeah, that won’t last forever either. But you’ll become a master of change, and courage, so, it’s cool.

3) Why do I have to pay so much / so little for this?
a) If $147 a month sounds like a lot of money per month to you – first of all, I think you might have missed the last round of Pay Tons of Money for Coaching – and it’s OK, you didn’t miss anything, and you may have a tight budget. Most light workers are still not quite sure how to bring the money piece into the amazon fire. We’ll help with that. Just sayin’ that prices for Mastermind groups in the last five years averaged a thousand a month. And did less. So if this appeals, take a chance. It’s cheap for what  you could make of it, if it’s right for you. And catch it by 9/9, it’s $60 less.

b) For those for whom this sounds suspiciously cheap – yes, if this offering will deliver as much as it says, and if the quality of Denise’s work matches her twenty years of experience and all those amazing testimonials – OK I admit it, it’s priced too low. And while it’s not an entirely new offering (which would explain lower cost first round), it is a new configuration. But the design of this is meant to transcend money barriers. For those who have none, I recommend you schedule individual sessions for business coaching, for coaching and therapy client supervision, or extra support facing the wounds that want to keep you whimpering in the corner. You can create a custom program, with this as the ground.

4) What the hell kind of group is this? Business coaching? Healing? Intuitive Training? Comedy? Make up your mind!
Yeah, I know. I’m a too damn creative for my own light worker skin, and probably ADHD on top of it. Well the answer is Yes. And No. It’s not a business coaching group per say. Though I do that and always share best business practices. Mainly though, I will assume you know a lot and just need to try some shit. That’s what the group is for – living large in creating your best work, that follows the soul’s plan, and then really watching how you shut yourself down when you step into the fire. That’s where the healing work comes in, because usually there is wound history that mucks up taking power and changing for the better. We won’t shy away from this (this is why most coaches suck for light workers, but more on that later). And we won’t wallow here either. But we will bring light to the dark wound patterning, operationalize coping tools and strengthen your moves so that you can predict and sidestep your own best sabotage, and keep on the soul’s trail.

Part of that will be honing your intuitive skills (we all have these) – which is mostly just having you get still, and listen to your heart. Or as Tina says, Stop, Be Still, and Chill. And another difference with this group is I am an Intuitive, so I not only facilitate awesome sacred space, (yeah that ain’t strictly coaching, so you see why it’s a multi-freakin’-dimensional thing), but I’ve been working with people dying for the last couple decades, so we get to the point. I help guide our conversations so we don’t waste any time. This is gonna be a very focused twelve weeks, as you can imagine. And it will be fun, as you might also be sensing. If you are getting excited, trust that.

5) What if it doesn’t work for me?
Here’s the thing. 90% of this is you committing to put  your full self into it, to making it work for you. That means showing up when you are cranky because change is hard. And it means speaking up (yeah, not a Light Worker strong point) when you need support. You might not always know exactly what is going on, but that’s where you’ll guess, hey, maybe something’s going on. Then you ask, “Can I get some time in the group?” Usually when you do that, clarity is like, three minutes away. But it you think staying safe in the sidelines, watching others work will be the ticket, this isn’t the best way to use the group. Now you do learn by watching, so we can talk about that, and if you are really new at this stuff, that might work great. But then you’d adjust expectations about what would get done.

The bottom line is I stand behind my work and my products, and if it really doesn’t work and you’ve given it your best, your money will be happily refunded. I do appreciate that this is a risk, and I’ve taken some and asked this very question. I do recommend you talk to me if you have more questions. Do your due diligence, that can help a lot, to strengthen commitment or your postponement.

6) What if there are less advanced players who take over the group and just … make it boring and tedious?Love this question. And there is nothing worse than investing in a group and having a leader who can’t manage the needs of the various members. This takes more than coach training sometimes. I’m grateful for my psychotherapy background in terms of learning about group dynamics, as well as my continued training these last decades for learning gentle but courageous confrontation, aka boundary management, reining in, and cutting through stories when they get a little long.
Short story is – all group members are screened briefly to make sure we’ll all be on the same page development-wise. Best candidates already showing up are intuitive, have high emotional intelligence, and have done a fair amount of work on themselves and their projects. They are full of clues about what stops them, but like all of us they may need outside perspective to not derail or come under the spell of ego that seeks no change at all costs – especially when really going for it.
They value themselves and their dream enough to know they deserve the intuitive and intimate support this group will deliver. They are willing to be surprised and receive new insights and breakthroughs about the patterns that imprison their light, their gifts, their unique brilliance. They’re ready to have a safe place to let their hair down, as well as to let their beauty fly. So, again, if you don’t experience this, that’s cause for a full refund.

7) Not sure if I’m so good with groups. I tend to be self critical; what if that shows up for others?

Again, it’s my job to manage the group energy, and part of that is maintaining safety and appropriate strength of feedback for all members. This of course, is an excellent lab for personal growth and practice of better group playing. I do encourage this experiment, and am always pleasantly surprised how the sacred environment actually brings out more kindness than criticism. And how much a part of the healing it is, to see other powerful people struggle with the same issues you do.

What about life and death and all that?
This is a big topic, but suffice to say, the big WHY (passion behind you’re work) is cool, but it really doesn’t do much when you’ve got amnesia about that and are shaking in your boots at some new leap you’ve set yourself in front of. That’s the time you want to remember, oh, this isn’t real life. This is the Earth movie, and the worst that could happen is I die, and then – I’ll be back home, so fine. OK you could also be humiliated and jailed and stoned in the county courtyard and all before death – but hey, that happened to Martha Stewart, and well not that I want to offer her as a model, but she’s still ticking. And rich. So Not Dead Yet is the new motto, f*** the why thing. We need stronger amnesia busters.


I got a lot out of the program, and I resonated with Denise’s way of combining the energetic work with the marketing. I appreciated the space to work through old doubts and fears, and the gentle persistence you bring to your coaching. It helps to hear that everyone has that initial awkwardness when they start… I feel less isolated and more confident that I will get better at this over time. I have a better sense of my strengths, and the mindset tools were most useful.

– Eliza King, Birch Tree Coaching, Takoma Park, MD

More Questions?

Any further questions, please call Denise 303.543.9315 or email soulbizsavvy at gmail dot com.

Oldies but goodies; testimonials from the last 10 years…

“Denise offers the best methods for getting unstuck. We all have the comfortable, familiar ways of thinking and dealing. Sometimes these work great and sometimes not so much. When I start to recognize a pattern that I want to change, Denise is an incredible source of creative guidance and support for transformations of all kinds.”

“The process was quite helpful in terms of questions asked (the way your able to ask questions or guide by questions you choose to ask). Your style is one of genuineness and thoughtfulness. I appreciated your attempts to guide me in certain directions. Also, I appreciate your sense of humor which is a big part of how I operate. That is, seeing the humor in what I do or the way I think was supported by your being able to laugh with me.”

“Denise led me to reexamine the process of not meeting a goal. Not only has this process completely changed my perspective on goals, I believe that this shift in perspective has started a healing process inside me that has extended to all levels of my life.”

“Coaching has enhanced my life by guiding me toward new, more holistic and constructive ways to think.”

[Coaching allowed me to] “think about myself in a deeper and more serious way especially since my husband’s death.”

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