January New Moon channel 1-20-15


Denise Barnes channels a group of three ascended masters, calling themselves the Trinities.

Greetings soul conscious ones. Take a breath with us to arrive into presence. Welcome to this auspicious day and tremulous year. Are you ready to create a year of unabashed dream creation alongside the usual tumult? This is the most favored multi-tasking spiritually speaking – the attention to the spirit work, the REAL items of your soul’s journey, while you do laundry, as you also take care of business so to speak, chopping the wood and carrying the water. Lucky most of you don’t have to take it to that level (smile).

The first step is to remember, to rename for this year’s journey, what soul activation zones you will prioritize. We remind you this does not have to instantly become your livelihood if it is not already, and that it does not have to comprise an 8 hour day if it is a new area etc. Follow Denise’s advice on how to name the areas of focus, and write these down or similarly construct them for your memory to hold. And then make your plans and set loose goals of how to daily pay them homage.

There is a fair amount of synchronicity, of auto pilot that will then happen with these areas so blessed. Sometimes you may find that your January clarity might almost feel forgotten, but then in November you look back and realize, Oh my gosh, that happened! That was realized in such an effortless way. This is nice, because other areas will take quite some effort, and will require you to suspend your judgment, suspend your prior “smallness” as you stretch into fuller expressions of god in you.

At this time, we recommend you connect with your spirit to ask for the pathway and the projects of this year. You can point out what is untenable in your life, and what you’d like to see instead. We note that the soul savvy programs coming will allow you to clear dysfunctional patterns that perpetuate self-sabotage and underachievement of the soul work fun that is possible. So keep up the good work, set your plan as clearly as you can, and jump on that boat while enjoying the moment, the surprises, and each little swell and storm, as well as the lovely calm sunny moments.

If you are frustrated, know that simple forays into concentrated help or comrade support will make a difference. It is no longer the time to procrastinate if you wish to be a key player in the transformation upon us. Clear the old desires that are still calling for completion. Make any amends, clear the old business, clear the clutter, and set up the newer foundations that will truly nourish you and allow for the new you to express and expand. From there you will get guidance as you proceed. When in doubt, do more clearing and the way becomes clearer.

Please do send us any questions. For now we ask you to breathe deeply while we send a golden vein of blessing to you, from our core of awesome joy and knowing of the pleasures ahead. May grace find your next steps, amen, aho.


Fall Equinox ’14 Channel from ‘the group’

Greetings and blessings to your wonderful eyes and the curvy road that has brought you to this reading.

We are the group, an informal current nomenclature, for a group of guides and Ascended Masters that work with Denise; John the Baptist; Areeaana, three sisters of the Pleiades; and Octavia the High Priestess. Welcome to our energy; feel the support and happy holding of your journey that will transmit through these lines, through this black and white text, into your computers and other more modern devices. We delight in the many ways of transmission that connect us to you.

Welcome to Equinox 2014, and dare we say, don’t hold your breath, although it will be tempting to come to a complete standstill at this sacred time of balance. Yet it is breathtaking, this moment of time, this ¾ point of 2014. What a year, yes? We remember our year ahead reading, in January past that noted the need to release anything unneeded. Our metaphor then was boarding a space ship that had limited storage space. And this will be an ongoing reality as the parallel corridors of time squeeze upon each other.

The old way and the new way are the main contenders for your attention. It is the big squeeze time, and you must be slick and you must be skinny, metaphorically speaking. Flexible, well-oiled, lubricated and laughing, Read more

January 2014 Intuitive Message

January 2014 Intuitive Reading received 1-1 through 1-6-14.
Denise started channeling last spring, and in December 2013 started this monthly reading series.

1-1-14 John the Baptist:

Oh greetings bold New Year, bold adventurers, bold 2014. It is as though this year, after much preparation and packing and technology learning and all of the skill gathering, it is time to step aboard the space ship. Hopefully you have packed light and you’re ready to go.

There will still be turbulence – this is an important message. Denise heard one intuitive Lee Harris with a refreshing take on this. For years his messages have suggested holding the awareness of Yes, I can die next week. Then all decisions can be made based on this truth, this factor. This is always available, this informed decision making, if you get quiet and still. If you get to the quiet and go still, get quiet and go still.

The energy is big that has been coming through. There is a tendency to go along as business as usual, without realizing that the intense solar flare activity has much impact on sensitives. But it is there, and good to acknowledge. This is why part of what is so important is just that anchoring. So each person, if they can just anchor and ground, as much as possible, as early as possible in the day (chuckle), as they are entering their world. And then stay with the flow and the truth as much as they can from there.

No matter which calendar you are following, Mayan or otherwise, the Gregorian calendar date of 1/1 has a huge impact, and is an unavoidable portal to attend to. In 2014, it is wise to have a good centered start. We again say, the still quiet center, to go to that place as the year starts. To first take a deep exhale to release 2013, to process that, to note the accomplishments, to note the disappointments, to note what was learned, Read more

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