3 Skills for Healers’/Artists’ Life Inventory Time

3 Skills for Healers’/Artists’ Life Inventory Time

Happy post New Moon zone dear Reader. Phew was I glad to pass through that last end of the cycle. The astro guides note that the planet Venus went retrograde; I know there was some Pluto moves going on. Not long before that, the equinox, that suspended-see-saw-time of day-night balance, graced us. Guess what THAT invited.

Yep, time for inventory. An invitation for some to ask, how about that b word? How is the balance faring? How are those projects, that quality of life, your true progress, and all of that going? Of course, let’s not forget the heart space, the creative time, the loved ones exchange rate, the stress management, the growth and healing requirements – the whole she bang so to speak. How are things working out?

Not to say this happens for all, or only at this time of equinox – just to say it might have some relevance (see the Power Path updates for Sept and Oct which also name this theme.) and yes, all hell was breaking loose, heaven too I guess, before I read their updates… bless synchronicity, lightworker resources and being in it together, eh?

Why might you do a life inventory now and then? Well it can be a reality check – and give your course a bit of tweaking if needed. If I’m neglecting something, or perhaps needing to clarify priorities amidst the craziness, this can be a huge help. Sometimes I need to retire my inner couch potato for a while. Sometimes and probably more often, I’ve done a helluva lot but mind is somehow not agreeing with that. All in all, it helps us strengthen our surefootedness on the trail of meaning and dream creation. You know, that stuff we’re really here for.

THREE ESSENTIAL SKILLS for healer artist life inventories

Maybe it’s the curse of those ancient birthing techniques of the late boomer wave, including complete anesthesia for mom and lack of a catcher position for the all-important entry, but I find new beginnings can be rough. So you DON’T want to approach things like I might in one of THOSE moods – bleary-eyed, doom-filled, convinced it all is just awful and in short, so am I. I should have mastered more by now! What are those empty zones floating about in that quality of life physical! You follow me…

(Quick, write that “you rock” reminder letter for moments like that, before the amnesia hits again…)

You may have your own harsh pattern when re-vision or assessment calls, or when disruption causes you to question – what was the plan? Am I still on track? What seems to be missing? Etc. So first let’s name a few essential skills for how to conduct this reassessment or QOL physical.

SKILL ONE: Kindness, positive self-regard. Birth and life and restarting/revisioning are often challenging enough without adding the Eeyore overlay. Read more

Fun Ways to Minimize the Torture of Naming 2015’s Brilliant Plan

SAM_3274January is kind of a see saw at times. Looking back, looking ahead. Completing things, starting things. There is a desire to improve life, hence resolutions. But resolutions often fall by the wayside.

So, how can you go beyond that, and get a plan, a brilliant plan, for 2015? One that inspires you to actually keep working it through the year?


Have you heard the big rocks story? You’re in science class. You have a five gallon glass mason jar with a lid. Alongside you have say six or eight hand size rocks, a big bunch of pebbles, and a big fat pile of sand. Scientifically, this is all supposed to fit in the jar. Most would intuitively to fill the jar with the sand, then pebbles then big rocks. But this doesn’t work.

The secret to making this experiment work? Start with the big rocks. Then all the smaller rocks, pebbles and sand will fit around the big rocks. This is also true with life. If you name the big rocks – i.e., your big projects for the year, the most meaningful areas of life you wish to improve, create, or devote your attention (i.e., love) to, all the other pebbles and sands of life will just sidle in alongside them big rocks.


It’s often counter intuitive to name the big rocks and attend to them first thing. It’s easy to spend a lot of damn time playing with the sands and pebbles, e.g., the distractions or mundane bits of life. But when you make a special effort to wrestle your attention to taking care of the meaningful things first? Often the other pieces of life start to fall into place.

Naming and clarifying your soul mission can be challenging – it keeps evolving! There is a lot of noise and static that try to thwart you, and lots of planetary and personal history that discourages blatant naming of the dream. That’s OK – this torture is short lived. Let’s cover a few other things that can make this process fun, as well as more integrative of spirit and sand, of right and left brain, of the realistic and the imaginal.


1) Review the last year for wins and suckiness (see last article for more on how to do this, and visit Soul Savvy’s Resources page for the End of Year Review page). Therein lie clues for what to change.

2) See if you can switch some areas you’ve mastered to auto pilot and a “foundations” zone. For example, finances this year for me won’t need too much time because of last year’s work. Now I have room for a new focus area in this year’s plan.

3) Don’t use your left brain/analytic mind alone. Include visualizations – where would you like to be ideally in 5 or 10 years? Meditate and center, and ask your guides/inner wisdom, or your right brain and creative side for symbols of possibilities. Ask before sleep for a dream to give you input. Pull some cards or divination apps. Then craft your focus from these zones. Example: Doing this ideal visualization, I saw a later life where creativity work loomed large. That inspired me to shift my creativity project in terms of priorities for the year.

4) Simplify your target or focus zones to three or six areas, and give them cool names that capture the essence of what you hope to gain through them. These can be called projects, but your name is better.

5) Make a weekly or monthly plan for your “foundations” zone, i.e., the auto pilot areas essential for your success. Scheme how to keep these happening. I know I need to balance my checkbook and check in with my spending plan weekly to keep the money peace foundation strong. Other foundations zone might include fitness, meditation or scheduling fun and social time.

6) Imagine you have one year to live, and 2015 is it. Scan your plan with this in mind to see if it still resonates. Life is short, though it can seem endless when you’re not on board with your soul serving purpose. When you are on board with the soul mission, life’s challenges get easier, as does your work.

Wishing you playfulness as you get your soul squeeze on for 2015!



Report from the Field #1

It was a great first day of Soul Savvy Open House week. Here are lessons learned and thoughts to ponder, from Monday.


The first telephone group intention was to support each other to take on some decluttering, or other task that was not getting done, that needed to be. We named our three main areas, and then invited intuition and higher intelligence to bless our plans.

In all three cases, this inner intelligence asked for more meditation, for a return to mindfulness, or dancing. (!) At least, this was the initial redirection. Other insights that came of the hour together:

  • there is too much chaotic energy around my to do list
  • after a walking meditation, one area of decluttering happened spontaneously and easily
  • dancing led to yoga, led to relaxation, led to seeing the next tasks of the day with more spaciousness

I will be curious to see what tomorrow’s soul savvy work group will entail… I sense that this more mindful beginning may lead to more clarity and productivity from here.


In an individual session, I was struck by a common theme of the challenge in receiving. It’s an important area to be nimble in, with creating soul savvy, sustainable income. In a few cases I have seen lately, the body manifests the first waves of struggling to receive abundance. Why is it such a struggle? Partly, the new abundance that wants to land first need to clear any old beliefs that are in contradiction to the new ease.

Some of these beliefs may include: Read more

Soul Savvy Open House – for Robin

As I was planning next week’s Soul Savvy Open House, different themes called – block busting, truth telling about our Achilles heels that hold us back, tools to break free of our self imposed limits, and honest work that would name and tame the ways we shy away from our dreams, and from sharing our full light and gifts with the world.

In the midst of this I was at a workshop where the intuitive in me kept seeing the wounds that keep us anchored to our pasts. It seemed that most are blind to these past patterns, yet they are close to the light of awareness. With the right reflections shared with compassion, these bricks could be loosened, dropped. Oh, for this taste of freedom.

As I schemed about how to serve and how to focus the Soul Savvy Open House (SSOH) week, and yes struggled with my own doubt, while I waited to synch up with the Universe’s right timing, I heard the news about Robin Williams. The brilliant comic, actor, father and human chose to end his life at age 63.

If you wonder about freedom, and still struggle to live each day to the fullest, using your full gifts and being abundantly supported – you are not alone. This is no easy task. Our dreams, when neglected, do not die easily; glimmers of these dreams still shine, call and even haunt us until we die. Read more

Intuition Revolution #9 – Seeing Beneath the Surface

SAM_4029Cycles repeat, say the astrologers, seers and the yogis. The recent Mindfulness and Yoga craze is not the first round. And if we remember back to the early part of the last century, séances were hot. So, hello and welcome, round # one thousand and one of the Intuition Revolution.

Intuition is defined by Webster’s dictionary as “a natural ability of power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence: a feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why.” I love that word natural in there. That feels relevant to the current times and that sense of reclaiming or revaluing intuition’s powerful place in life.

See, it’s a helpful thing to have some intuition when you’re flying by the seat of your pants, as often is the case, in these blessing and curse times.

And how does intuition help? Read more

Right and Left Brain Fun with Goals

There is a great goal debate going on in some quarters, at this time of year when resolutions are attempted. Do goals work to help you create the life you want? Or do they just get you all obsessed and rigid, not paying attention to the moment?

When it comes to growing wealth, for example, the same advice will not apply to those who are in different points of the “fulfillment curve” – say in survival mode versus those in a more luxurious point of the fulfillment curve (google Dominguez, Robin – fulfillment curve, from Your Money or Your Life). Similarly with goals, it’s good to keep in mind where the goal advice is coming from. Is this human already enlightened? OK then. Or, if I hear someone dissing goals after they’ve already used them for a decade to get to their hilltop, I wonder a bit. So, good to check the context of the advice or debate, and check for relevance.

The other thing to keep in mind is that much advice may need tweaking to work for sensitive, creative types – you will have to name your own colorful method and adapt techniques. Personally, goals work for me but I’ve developed a creative approach, using analytic and intuitive styles to create my goal palette. I will take a good day or two of time at year’s end to review the last round around the sun, and set my intentions for the next. It’s a deep process and I will spread it out over a few weeks until it’s finalized.

So fare thee well, black water snake year, and hello wood horse (Chinese new) year! Yin to yang, here we go. And now, a few more notes on key points to make fun and effective goals, for the soul savvy sailors aboard spaceship Earth.


So goals goals – why do we love thee? Let’s count the ways they can be helpful – because those seasons seem to be speeding up, and you know there is something to be done here, something very important…

It is easy to get distracted, and, it can be easy to get obsessive at times. If you have a business for example – and I suffer from this ailment – it might be the default position to give that most of your time and attention. There are endless tasks, and there is always more to do. Goals can help you remember to make time for other important areas that will enhance and diversify your life. Can we say balance? Read more


I was out of town for what is being called Great Flood of 2013 in Colorado. Watching from afar has its own surreal weirdness – I was in limbo, and took it day by day. The way people were impacted didn’t always match what was predicted. Boulder Creek is home to the 100 year flood threat, which was quite late, and in recent floods, those closest to the creek (where I live) receive the brunt of the impact.

Yet, those in North Boulder, the mountains, and other neighboring towns like Lyons were much harder hit. The lovely town of Lyons, north of Boulder, was swept away, as the original river, moved to make way for the town, resumed its original course. Our beautiful mountain trails – a refuge, and spiritual stress reducer for many – are inaccessible – it’s not clear how long that will last (but it’s the high holy season now and … no one is able to pray this way 🙁

Damn, our mother is a formidable force.


Traumatic and edgy events tend to shake you up, even without direct impact. Even indirect and “small” impacts can be hugely stressful. For example, the sewerage or mold-like smell of many of the flooded basements – it’s a small thing compared to losing your house in a mudslide, yet it’s a constant reminder, a constant trigger of what just happened. Take a deep breath, and … oh, yeah.

I spoke with one friend who felt she did fine during the flood, but now is suffering from the post disaster dynamics – feeling very scattered, and somewhat depressed. Many have some level of this impact – those directly impacted, those indirectly impacted, and those just present in the energy field of the area. And for sensitive people, like many Soul Savvy readers who are born for this time, events like this can shake you up and uproot your stability, even long distance.

The more connected we get, the stronger those vibrations tug at our heartstrings when our brethren are challenged.

Energy work can be a great help here, for all levels of impact. I had the chance to give energy work to locals the past few days. Spirit noted that these energy healing images from individuals apply to this whole geographic region.

If you have that urge to help, but like me aren’t always quite sure how, try out these energy healing images in your prayers. The Colorado community needs all the help it can get. Thank you for your care.

And if you feel some “issues” loosened up in the last period of earth shift, and you’d like some support and clearing of these old soul themes ready for transformation – there are still a few spots in the Energy Healing Clinic/Spa this week. Using this as a healing opportunity helps us all.


In the energy healing I do, which is a unique style taught by AnaMari McNamara, Read more

The Soul Eye View

A challenge can look very different, depending on which viewpoint you are seeing from – human, or the soul’s eyeball… It helps when they come together, as the Beatles might say…


One topic of interest and clarification in many Intuitive Healing sessions is the difference between the human view of challenges, and the soul’s view. Our human side wonders, why is this pain afoot? Why did that happen? What’s up with that?

Often things were going along quite nicely thank you, when WOMP – a pattern we thought was healed resurfaces in a big way. Whether a serious womp, or a gentle knock, things can still smart. You can wonder if or how you’ll get over this. Some of my clients start to make predictions – thinking, “I’m in for it now – this’ll take forever”.

The dire response to challenges, and the dreadful predictions of painful recovery – this can feel so true to human eyes, from the human viewpoint. Drama is what colors the human experience. With more spiritual awareness, you’re less attached to the drama and story line as THE ONLY reality, but it still can be tough to weather.

So whether it’s money troubles, a divorce, an unexpected job loss, the death of a loved one – our human side feels it’s very serious. It may shout Disaster! Impending doom! But the soul has a different view of this …


Read more

Questions that Open the Vault of Soul

This Friday August 30th, you can experience a taste of Intuitive Energy Healing (learn more about it, or sign up here.) This post describes the way a session might unfold.

Is this relationship right for me? What is going on with my (body part?) What am I trying to find out this lifetime? What is my purpose/the purpose of a certain pattern in my life? Should I look for another job?

These are some questions that clients have asked to start off their Intuitive Healing consults. Any question is a good question to start with. Often, answers can take a winding route, and lead to a surprise ending. Surprise in a good way!

What can start off as a straightforward, sensible inquiry ends up opening the vault to your soul’s wisdom and reminders. Lost insights and desires emerge from a dark or buried place. Once brought out in the open, there is a “Doh! Of course” feeling – but before that, this insight or direction was not accessible.

One client asked that last question above – should I look for a new job? The first level answer noted yes, this is a good thing to do. Even if  you don’t  change jobs, it’s good to update your resume, compare salaries, see what’s going on in the field. You can then use this information to enhance your confidence to request a promotion or raise at your current job.

The next level intuitive response adds more depth and additional considerations for the client (see a and b):

a) This stability you’ve demonstrated in staying with this job has been commendable and good soul work/healing.

~ Client notes that she was just discussing this recently, and never would have guessed she’d be there this long, and yes, it has had its positive side.

b) Another way to approach this – there are parts of your personal life that could be focused upon. If attended to, this would also positively impact your finances and quality of life.
There is a sense of depression. This job is not your soul work, is it?

~ Client notes that she is often low energy when she gets home from work, and will usually watch TV most of evening. She does have a sense of what her soul work is, come to think of it, and has always imagined doing this, and traveling…

The session continues, but this revelation emerges in under thirty minutes. Bit more than a Yes or No response to the original question – should I look for another job? And so much more relevant and truthful, in terms of reconnecting to her true path, and getting to the heart of the matter.

Next steps are clear and simple (though not easy), once this truth (re)emerges back into consciousness.

Do you have a questioned that if answered truthfully would bring peace, insight and clear action steps? Join me Friday for the Intuitive Healing clinic.

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