Soul Mission Control Update: 11-11-14

Sekmet, the Egyptian Goddess
Sekmet, the Egyptian Goddess

The group, (John the Baptist, Areeanna of the Pleiades, and Octavia the High Priestess), Channeled by Denise Barnes for Soul Savvy subscribers. To subscribe, please visit – or if here, see that box on the side of the page to join.

Greetings dear kin, and bows and blessings to you in this sacred number day. Indeed, the elevens are one of our channels “home” resonances, as her main child hood house had the # 111. Just a side note (smiling). Breathe with us for a moment. Fully exhale, and do it again… Do what our channel calls the horse lips on the way out, or anything else that will lighten your mood and loosen your jaw. Ah, thank you. Now we begin.

Holy cannoli, as the Italian Robin might say, and whoa whoa whoa. Look at this changed landscape – or is it land or water, or fire, or air? Its combustible it seems, it is moving, it is transitory, as in full of meaningful transits. We speak of the last two months and overall the fall quarter, since equinox. Are you still breathing? Because that was one cosmic cardio-demanding lap. High intensity dear friends. And this is where the FIT is more important than the FAT or lack of it, the heart more than the surface appearance, the quality of the passage versus getting anywhere in particular.

Indeed, where are you now? Well, it may not be clear, and this week, this day, this mini-arrival time – it is not so much about knowing yet, all that you need to know. This will be revealed, but slowly. Now it is time to catch up a bit, to practice appreciation and self-care, to begin to notice what has changed. It may be slight, it may be huge; but something has happened in the last 6 -8 weeks, has it not? Let your heart answer it. You can also look at your calendar to just see what you’ve been up to – because likely your calendar has been so full that you might have forgotten a few, just a few, huge accomplishments.

These accomplishments might have been a small leap of faith, like stepping forward to follow an intuition that involved some risk. It might have been speaking honestly or more deeply with a loved one. It might have been Read more

Light Workers: 3 Ideas for Healing your Dark Side


Jackie tends to have trouble saying no; helping others comes easily. Lately she is realizing she ends up feeling drained at times when helping. She just had a friend live with her and family for six weeks, when it wasn’t supposed to be that long, and when this friend had other options before homelessness, it turns out. Jackie wants to know – why do I get in these situations? Feeling drained isn’t a good thing, for me or others…


There are many ways to work with this dark side. It basically is asking to be healed, just like the dysfunctional dynamics of our planet are. These healing areas or “dark sides” need to be addressed as you expand, or they keep tripping you up. For Jackie, she might make some progress with her business, but then gets too burned out to maintain it or respond well to new opportunities.

Initially when you first become aware of a dark side pattern, it seems the instincts want to hate it. Stone the sinner; burn the witch; verbally slay the perpetrator on talk radio. “That is so wrong, and you are so messed up”, kind of thoughts, directed at the self. Whatever your core pattern is, it will get activated here.

At that point, it might seem what goes wrong in your life is all about other people’s weirdness, bad intentions, incompetence, etc. Yet what you might not see – due to your dark side dynamics – Read more

Light Workers: Awaken to your Dark Side

Today is All Soul’s Day, the day when the veil between our world and that of spirit is the thinnest. I send blessings to you and yours, friends and family in this world, and the other parallel word, where the dead dwell. Happy Halloween too!

Light Workers: Awaken to your Dark Side

Jackie tends to have trouble saying no; helping others comes easily. Lately she is realizing she ends up feeling drained at times when helping. She just had a friend live with her and family for six weeks, when it wasn’t supposed to be that long, and when this friend had other options before homelessness, it turns out. Jackie wants to know – why do I get in these situations? Feeling drained isn’t a good thing, for me or others… 

This time of year of increasing physical darkness is often a time when our shadow side gets more illuminated. This deepening dance of illuminating darkness is also a planetary theme, as the planet attempts to transition from the competition/survival paradigm to the cooperation/sustainability paradigm. There are lots of challenges with this, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you want to help the world. How to help? What to do? Well, most light workers came exactly for this work; to help that shift.

You can find ways to make contributions to the larger dynamics; there are plenty of movements you can join. And, another important way to do this “work of a lifetime” is in your own backyard. This is the dance with the dark side, or our shadow side. Read more

4 Essentials for Energy of Intention Mastery

meditationThe Authentic Action Mastermind group is setting the groundwork for some serious dream wrestling. Bringing vision to reality involves translating the metaphysical to the physical, and there can be some bumps in the road. Using energy work can help keep your intention clear, toned, and allow it to adjust as your map of possibility increases its accuracy. Here are 4 Essentials for keeping it real.

PS – Our group has one more spot still open. Reply to this email for consideration.

There are so many teachers of the law of attraction; so many formats you’ve likely learned and encountered over the years. My favorite is featured in the Creating Money book by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. Both are channels, and both teach many courses in Energy work. Sanaya also is a musician, and Duane originated the Light Body series of teachings.

While there are many factors that contribute to creating successful dreams and intentions, lately 4 of them are top of mind for me. I’ve been in a process of upgrading my work, and it’s been going on for some months. Here are 4 things I’d consider essential to my latest forays into working with intention.

1) Finding the right balance between dreaming big and choosing something that feels possible.

While I know our creative abilities are limitless, I do see that we also tend to build on our successes over time. Manifestation challenges for myself and clients can happen when the desire may have been a bit over the top for the current level of development. This might look like wishing for Oprah level success right off the bat. How dreaming big can work, or has worked for me, is to create a handle for the desire that you really do feel ready to create. It may not be so specific, but does choose a particular area. Maybe you’ve been at this area for a while, and that next step is informed, and feels right. My handle in this latest round of work upgrade is, “I create a miracle with my new work situation.” A bit vague sounding (and I do have more specific details beyond the handle), and by filling in the below steps, it gets more defined.

2) Naming the energetic quality of what the desire/intention will deliver to you.

I love this step and I think it’s probably THE major reason intentions do or don’t succeed. Ask yourself, on the energetic level, what spiritual-type quality would having your desire bring you? Miraculous work for me brings joy – I can see myself dancing as I lead the teleclass or do other work activities I wish to create. Joy, peace, love, creativity, contribution, compassion, aliveness – these are just a few qualities your desire could bring. Just get still, see yourself having it, and name the quality that arises. Knowing this gives you a huge advantage. If you have choices to make, you can check into the qualities of those choices and choose one closer to the one the intention will bring. You can also ask – what is a way I can experience this quality NOW? That will make you more attractive energetically to your desire.

3) Clarifying the “essences” or the details of what this desire will bring.

Essences are simply the details that the desire will bring to you, or what you hope will result from having it. A work upgrade would bring several things along for me – chance to develop and organize my work with the mastermind area for example, a chance to help other light workers rock their gifts and increase their financial ease, as well as that for myself, making growth and healing fun, etc. You can list the essences, and then remind yourself of them in this next step.

4) Devise a practice you’ll do regularly to keep this intention top of mind and actively evolving.

Just as you might develop a practice like meditation or exercise, using energy and intention to create and manifest requires regular engagement. Roman and Packer call it magnetizing. I’ve adapted it for myself, and it includes these 4 steps. I’ll usually use movement and take about 3 minutes to name the desire (good to have a short phrase or handle for it), embody the spiritual quality it will bring, visualize the essences and the joy of having them show up, and then create an energy coil that connects with the Divine energy, then joins with energy building in my solar plexus area. When it’s strong, I’ll throw or pulse that energy out to the planet / universe in all directions – like a beam of light would be sent from a lighthouse. It’s often pretty fast as the energy comes to completion, and I’ll focus on how this desire will serve the highest good of all.

Especially the first time, I’ll ask inside how often to do this meditation – several times a day, or less, depending on the desire. You can also ask to see the next steps and actions that would need doing. If my actions to bring this about in the physical world have been intensive or have been taxing, this short energy meditation will put me back into the fun and joy of creating it. It will remind me why I want it, and how it will serve. Just like a computer screen that has gone black for a bit, regular magnetizing will keep refreshing and updating the page of the intention. It works, I can tell you! More details on that to come.



PS If you’re regretting not joining the Authentic Action Mastermind group – there is one more spot open. I had intended 6 participants, so I’m just checking for one late arrival J. Quick, before Mercury goes retrograde!

In the group, we weave energy work with real world action, while learning how to best create an awesome Mastermind group for your future support.

Please reply to this email asap with your phone # and availability for the next days. There will be 2-3 hours of catch up, but if you’re called, I’ve still got your spot in this soul-work inspired posse.

Is Prayer Good Enough for the Pain of the World?

Comrade story- inside a Mastermind group

Meg is one of my Mastermind group members for the last seven years. She asked for my support a couple weeks back; here’s her story. Notice how this past life trauma was getting triggered by current events, and keeping her distracted from her soul mission. Meg allowed me to include an audio excerpt of the healing work I helped her with, a bit brief as we were at the end of our quarterly Mastermind check in 9-6-14. Phew, glad that was cleared – another light worker back on the trail!

I knew from previous experience with Denise that she is very intuitive and her work is deeply healing. This time I approached her for help because I felt deeply conflicted about my life’s work. In particular, I wondered whether I should be on the front lines, helping refugees in war-torn countries. By staying safe at home, wasn’t I just like the “good Germans” during World War II who did nothing to save the victims of Nazi persecution? In talking with Denise, I became aware of an inner panic – I had to get this right

I told Denise that this inner feeling was the same as I had felt a few weeks before when faced with a life-or-death situation. In that situation, I had wanted to be present to support my friend when she died (and her death was likely to be within the next 12-24 hours); at the same time I was hungry and wanted to go home to eat. Thank goodness, I was able to accept the panic, connect with the Divine, and made the choice to stay. My friend died with the hour, and I was at her side supporting her.

Read more

Fall Equinox ’14 Channel from ‘the group’

Greetings and blessings to your wonderful eyes and the curvy road that has brought you to this reading.

We are the group, an informal current nomenclature, for a group of guides and Ascended Masters that work with Denise; John the Baptist; Areeaana, three sisters of the Pleiades; and Octavia the High Priestess. Welcome to our energy; feel the support and happy holding of your journey that will transmit through these lines, through this black and white text, into your computers and other more modern devices. We delight in the many ways of transmission that connect us to you.

Welcome to Equinox 2014, and dare we say, don’t hold your breath, although it will be tempting to come to a complete standstill at this sacred time of balance. Yet it is breathtaking, this moment of time, this ¾ point of 2014. What a year, yes? We remember our year ahead reading, in January past that noted the need to release anything unneeded. Our metaphor then was boarding a space ship that had limited storage space. And this will be an ongoing reality as the parallel corridors of time squeeze upon each other.

The old way and the new way are the main contenders for your attention. It is the big squeeze time, and you must be slick and you must be skinny, metaphorically speaking. Flexible, well-oiled, lubricated and laughing, Read more

3 Light Worker Lies that Sacred Space Shatters

What’s your favorite kind of BS-shattering sacred space? Talking out loud? Writing in your journal? Speaking truth to a comrade? Meeting with your mastermind group? Thankfully, there are many options to keep you honest. Because if you’re left to your own devices – like your own mind, self-talk, emotional addictions and wound re-plays – lies are very common and will derail you at every turn.

For support to keep on the soul’s trail, check out the Mastermind group starting 9/24/14

Light workers – those healing and creative humans who have a deep seated urge to make a difference to the planet’s current intense transition process – have many noble ways to keep derailing and circling. Yes, I can speak from experience; these ways can be compelling and convincing. Luckily, in sacred space, they shatter like slate under a hammer, so you can be free to continue with your soul mission. That’s the key – to get to the truth, keep moving past the lies, and lend a hand to our starving planet.

Let’s bring 3 common light worker lies to the light, shall we? (More to come; I welcome yours in the comments below.)

1) Following my bliss won’t hurt / be terrifying / kick my ass

Joseph Campbell is mega quoted for the follow your bliss idea. But the rest of the paragraph is often left out, where he talks about all the scary shit that will follow that bliss stalking. Like letting go of how you think it will happen or turn out, and diving into the terrifying waves of the unknown. Surrender, in a word. I can’t ever seem to find that quote, there is such a conspiracy about this lie of feather bed bliss.

Many a light worker has derailed at the first sign of discomfort in their risk taking. They think that these struggles mean they’re on the wrong track. Well, bliss and soul missions can involve heh, blisters, and major pain. Usually you are reversing the inertia of generations, and you are going against the grain of society. So yes, cultivate ease-full living, but know that this creation will sometimes really hurt along the way. Eventually, it’s a “hurts so good” thing, as you get more use to facing discomforts like fear, and yet another vision facing reality’s sharp teeth.

2) I have no right to do this soul/creative work while there is so much pain in (world atrocity zone) Read more

Top 5 Ways You can Rock Fear

Image courtesy of StockImages at
Image courtesy of StockImages at

The next few weeks I’ll be talking about doubt, fear, and the anatomy of why change can be hard for Light Workers, especially when you’re trying to express your unique gifts and get paid. See end of article for a program to give you support for making it happen.

Last month’s Soul Savvy Open House was fun. It was great to connect with some of you. From your input, I was helped to remember than even with progress and growth, some things never fully exit the creative process of following our soul path.

Things like fear, doubt, self-questioning, derailing, avoidance of discomfort, and stuff like that. I guess rather than smooth sailing angels, we’re human. Maybe time for that “Not Dead/Angel Yet” bumper sticker? (Oh I can see a whole new Dead Angel Zombie movement. Let’s work out costumes!)

I mean, c’mon – I already did the Doubt Diva Teleseminar – shouldn’t that mean we’ve got the doubt healed and dispatched? Especially for me. Yeah. Well, no. And guess what? These launches used to scare the pants off me – still do, but not as bad.

For every daring move, fear and doubt will hop along too, just like the anxious hungry bunnies they are. Oh well. I ain’t feeding them carrots.

And I take heart from the fact that Jerry Garcia, in all his thousands of performances, reportedly never got over stage fright. Serious! It didn’t stop him though now, did it? (And I know some of you wish it had, but hey… just keep that to yourself now…Certainly no blog comments on the Grateful Dead, OK?)

Good news though – our soul work does not lie idle. And even if it’s fading or ailing, Read more

Time to Let the Soul’s Bud Unfold – Authentic Action Mastermind Group

ladderWow, it’s September again. That time of bountiful harvest, changing weather, and falling leaves. The time to wonder how much more you will create this year, before another year rolls on in.

Fall is a great time to check your progress with your soul work. Must be that going back to school energy. You think about the areas you really want to be making progress in, and what really matters.

And if you’ve been drifting, or forgetting (or wishing to forget) the mission, or listening to the fear too much, it’s time for authentic action.

It’s so easy to talk yourself out of taking right action

Even if you’re not a soul inspired creative type, who tends to be a Highly Sensitive Person, and/or/aka a Light Worker – our egos freak out over change. Never mind when you want to step into your true work or passion! If I’m on the brink of evolution, my ego can just freeze me up, where I go into high anxiety mode for no apparent reason, and I can’t think straight. Then there is the second guessing, and the self-doubt, which appears so sensible in its cautioning. Before you know it, that bright idea and sweet creation has died a quiet but resounding death. I’m stuck, and usually questioning it all.

Thank goddess for my mastermind group

After years of working together, we know each other’s “doubt diva dialogues”. We are familiar with the fears that come up, and even their roots. In our sacred circle of sanity, any statements comprised of BS instantly stink – loudly. One email can take me back to authentic action, and a phone meeting can shift a frozen frown to a compassionate chuckle in no time. The shift feels deep and as if it heals across time. Damn, my ancestors must love us! Never mind seven generations down the line…

Mastermind groups are not new, and Soul Savvy ones are a new breed

Napolean Hill, Think and Grow Rich author, is one of the dudes that popularized Mastermind type groups, but they go way back. It’s a simple concept of getting support, and hanging out with positive influences that might make you stretch, that might be a step ahead.

Still, each time I am faced with a new edge, I get scared. Read more

The “No Mercy ‘til Done” Syndrome


A quickening of your development is indicated here. Yet even when the growth process accelerates, you will have reason to halt along the way, to reconsider the old, to integrate the new. Take advantage of these halts. 

Book of Runes, by Ralph Blum
Rune: Thurisaz, Gateway – Place of Non-Action

So many times when working with clients, there is that resistance that comes up before a next step. Or after many steps. Things have been going along smoothly, even uber productively. And then, boof, a block appears. For some godforsaken reason (good word for this, it sure feels that way) – there’s a halt. Or a serious slow down. Maybe it’s just the exhale after the inhale – the pause between breaths.

Darn. Just when I was getting somewhere, you might think to yourself.

Pauses and rest stops –well, not so easy for most. That’s that there meditation, isn’t it, or that there mindfulness stuff, right? I don’t think that option is covered in the Puritan ethic. No, that tells you to keep working hard at all costs. It tells you idleness is the devil’s plaything – I mean c’mon! Get in gear pal!

In some families, unoccupied young ones were thought to be a big problem, and everyone would brainstorm until SOMETHING, anything, was found for them to do.

Maybe Space really is the final frontier… Read more

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