5D Ascension Part 1: What up, FAQs

Hello Soul Savvy subscribers,praying mantis

Happy September to you!

I haven’t written in a while, for good reason; more on that below.

I am writing now to share some important news of the “ascension into 5D” that is reportedly upon us. That is, ascension or passage into the fifth dimension. No, nobody is beaming us up; no ships are landing to usher us to Planet Nirvana. Sorry. No, it’s more like living through the current reality, just with a helluva lot more light. That light body is to be installed. You didn’t even have to pay for it… well not with money anyway.

I know that we’ve heard this before. Perhaps you have also bought a lot of beans and batteries at various times of past predictions. So maybe that can lead us navigate this time with more neutrality. For we don’t have to really wake up and smell the meteor showers, or quit the day job, or hitchhike to Mount Shasta. Though that might be fun. No it’s just another round in the curve to make it through.

But there are a few things that might be helpful to know and that is the purpose of this missive. It’s good to be back by the way. I think of you so often you’d probably see it as neurotic. Hope you are faring well.

FAQs about the yeah, uh… Ascension into the 5th Dimension
(strike music, “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius… ahhhh oooooooh, Aquarius!!!!)

5D Ascension FAQs
OK, when exactly is this supposed to happen?

September 27th, 2015. So I hear. Light body software arrives. Please make room as you can.

What does this mean?

Well, it’s a long story, and I suggest this source (Matt Kahn) for your research, which I got turned on to thanks to friend Helen and astrologer Stephanie Austin. Let’s try a few definitions first:

Ascension: In the old days, this meant the long ride to heaven, e.g., Jesus being lifted up in his body after rising from the dead and all. Driving home without the car, chitty chitty bang bang without the visible vehicle. Maybe graphics included angels with trumpets on the sidelines, or a big hand to jump upon for the return trip.
Today this means expanding more on an internal level. Rising up into all that you are, with a little help from the cosmos. “All that you are” is getting an upgrade. In this shift, much history of past karma and old beliefs/limitations will be left behind. What will this look like? I don’t know, and not sure how to describe it exactly. If you have ever had a major shift of perception or an experience that changed you on a huge level, and woke up changed, it could be like that. I could be subtle, as this stuff happens on the energy level. It could be less subtle, who knows, and you could wake up with a new plan, decision, clarity… Yep but it could also feel no different than before.
Kind of like hair growing, these ascensions. You may not notice it, but six months later, it’s time for a whole new do.

What … does it mean? What do you do with this?

Well, if you’re like many light workers, you’ve been trying to clear shit and move closer to more meaningful living. At this time, it’s suggested that you ease off from MORE clearing for a time, and just let the stuff that’s ready to be released be given time to exit. It will take some time to just let the old fall away. It’s a good time to slow down, rest deeply, breathe and all that. I know that is easier said than done when these changes are happening. Overall meaning includes: this could be one of the reasons you came, is to be here now, for this little tweak to humanity’s light-psyche-bio makeup.

Is this why I’ve been freaking out?

OK that’s my question probably J. And, well dear travelers through time, there are plenty of reasons to be freaking out right now. I won’t reinforce them by listing them; many have nothing to do with light body activation on the surface, but then again – maybe it’s all a conspiracy in wakeup call choreography. So even if the 5D ascension accounts for 30-50% of the freakout, ‘nuff said. It deserves some attention.

Symptoms to watch for?

Well again, maybe it’s just aging, but joint trouble is named now as a symptom (oh those clever soul marketing gypsies; gag me). As is loss of a sense of direction, loneliness, depression – check out truedivinenature.com under articles for two ascension symptoms articles. I have noticed more fear, and under that, hopelessness that things will turn out right (this seems to be ancestral and I’ll be glad for it to exit. The better mantra of course is, everything always turns out right. Member the simple gifts song? Sing it, sing it). Meanwhile, a lot of great things are happening. So there’s plenty of confusion and mixed blessings.

Under the hopeless is grief, and that is maybe just me (see below). And under the grief???

It is a … sense, a desire to arrive at a still point. I have never used “zero point” nomenclature, but here I do. It is a wish to just come to stillness, a fertile void of stillness, a restful, rested holding of all that has gone before as it meets all that will be. And in this meeting, time stops for a time. This meeting of past present and future is without attachment, without needing to follow any rules, without knowing what’s next.

Oh yeah, I love this zero, unknown stuff too… Change too I swallow as easy as so many kale smoothies…

What should I do?

There is a call for trust. A call to love your heart, as Matt says, like never before. We’ve always known the heart is the key, right? His instructions: Anything that is happening, love that. Fear? Love the one who is afraid. Unclear? Love it love it love it. Messed up communication with a good friend? Ah, love the buffoon. Oops, that might not have been very loving, the name calling there, but hey, it is a process. It’s very personal how this will impact you. Each one is a unique hologram, out here playing with the fire.

One step in front of the other. Just keep moving, as my soul friends suggested Sunday. Even if that means arranging deep rest and rejuvenation. Giving yourself time for the downloading, before this sacred upload.

OK more later. Send your additional questions and let’s reactivate the soul savvy net. I do apologize for my absence – I’m not thinking you may have even noticed with the insane pace of late. And here is the why, briefly.

On March 5th, 2015, my dear youngest sister died. Unexpected, still not clear what happened (test results still pending). This has really shaken up my world. Is that separate from this shake up? Maybe not. It has certainly broken open my heart, which could be a good thing.

At any rate, I am still returning to full speed, still grieving deeply. More later, and very much love to you.

Blessings and light hugs,meditation
Denise Barnes

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