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Do you feel more possibility beckoning?
A more meaningful work or life focus, more juiciness?

It’s not too late (and it could be perfect timing now)
to boost your soul’s creativity into your life and work ~
without sacrificing all you’ve built

That pesky soul – it won’t let you be. It keeps bugging you, now and then, in quiet moments, or as you wake from dreams.

You might have a sense of it. A rustle within that is asking for more meaning – in work, in relationships, in life. After taking care of business, and everyone else in excellent ways for so long, is just could be time to focus on you. It has that urgency, that DO IT OR ELSE feeling at times. Yeah, if only you knew what to do first, or how to take the next step – how to make some sense of this inner call.

You can bring more truth and passion to your work and life, and lean in to this request. You can use your gifts, help the world and have an exciting life. Yes, it will take some stretching, some courage. It won’t just be business as usual – but that’s a good thing. And at the end of the day when you’ve stretched yourself – ah, what a feeling. You deserve that now.

Today’s caring women with emerging soul missions can have unique challenges. If you’re one, you might:

  •  Feel an urge to expand or upgrade your work but are nervous about income shifts
  •  Get frustrated with your current work/life and you know you have more to give
  •  Long to serve with gusto and make a good inspired living
  •  Have many talents, but are nervous about how to experiment without losing it all
  •  Know you’re sitting on something powerful, but you aren’t clear what to do next

Soul fired living within a juicy life – this vision of what  you feel, and hope for, is within your grasp. Imagine:

  • Living with full energy and enthusiasm – even if it’s scary at times
  • Going beyond the wound groove into joyful, and doable growth curve risk taking
  • Quieting the endless what ifs – and doing what you’ve wondered about for years
  • Wearing that inner smile from your core, because of living your truth and soul blueprint

You can take the next steps – both practical and healing steps – to manifest your unique purpose and do what you really came here to do. This time is asking all of us to step up as fully as possible. To go beyond the wound grooves. This edge is not sleepy or as comfy as we might like – but it’s hard to be comfy and sleepy when that pesky soul keeps… yeah, that snooze button’s broken.

Are you ready to take that next step?

I recommend these steps:

Join the Soul Savvy ezine – to get regular inspiration and humor to encourage your soul fired stretches. Sign up on the right panel there, with that Instant Access button.  You can unsubscribe easily at any time, and it’s spam free.
Here you’ll also get the “what’s up” of latest creative offerings and special subscriber only treats. The articles are a home study course in themselves, and I get many comments of how timely the info is.

You can also check out the free resources here.

You can also see the Services page for more options like home study courses or One on One work with Denise. For those ready to explore individual mentoring, I offer a complimentary Discovery Session to explore the options.

Yes, it can take work to create new grooves and healthy patterns for ourselves and the planet, but it’s the only game in town, and with Soul Savvy - it’ll be fun and rewarding. 

I welcome your comments, questions and emails – send to Denise at soulsavvy dot net.

“Before I met Denise Barnes, I had never really worked with a business or life coach. I was raised to view asking for help as a sign of weakness and I was also convinced I couldn’t afford it. Denise gently and compassionately helped me open to my inner management guru. She helped me set reachable goals and then turned me onto the books, people, technologies and methods that I needed in order to take responsibility for my goals and actively move towards attaining them.

Since I started working with Denise, my business has grown to a level I could barely have imagined before. Denise’s combination of spiritual presence and material-world know-how enabled me to take concrete steps in one of the most rewarding journeys of my life – the journey to true wealth. Now it’s hard for me to imagine not working with a coach. “

- DK Brainard, Author and Astrologer, http://www.wordsforthepeople.com

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