He who would really benefit mankind
must reach them through their work.
- Henry Ford

Spiritual Healers, Coaches, Authors, Therapists
Integrative Physicians and Mad Scientists, Successful and Closet Creatives

Is life passing you by or a next step too intimidating?
Do you wonder if your true destiny has been lost, side-stepped?

It’s never too late to activate your soul mission and recreate your amazing life

Comfortable is nice. You’re no slacker, and it’s taken years to get here. You’re able to relax and you’re way beyond survival. You even have a sense of luxury at times – that’s huge.

So what’s the problem? Why do your insides tell you that something is seriously missing? It’s like some part of your true self, some part of your destiny, your life work or mission, shall we say, has not yet arrived.

You want to be one of those people that lean into their full out crazy brilliance. You see the difference in other people – those that stagnate, and those that risk everything, again and again, to keep stretching into their next edge. You sense that if you do this, the universe will support you on a truly wild and fulfilling ride.

You want to cross that border, from wondering to acting, from doubt and hesitation to intentionally creating a precious life that’s very well-lived. You want your work and your efforts to be world changing – plus well-paying, exciting and creative.

Why is it that to step into the big dreams, brings  huge resistance and adversity? First, your familiar world likes you the way they are: most family, friends, and colleagues will discourage you from getting too outrageous or risking too much. Then there are the internal blocks – these stop you dead in your tracks. These patterns that sabotage you again and again won’t just disappear with time and good intentions. It takes quite a shift to break the spell of derailment and the blocks that bind you.

Stepping up to your full out brilliant self and work is terrifying when it comes down to it. Especially for those called “light workers” – the very thing you’re meant to do is often the freakin’ scariest. Yet, the alternative of stagnation, of the unanswered questions and half-lived life, is oh so much worse.

Yeah it’s scary. And it’s sometimes a ball of confusion, as the Temptations said, a frustrating mess. And the calling keeps tugging at your heart strings.

OK. Let me ask you a couple of questions.

How many years has it taken to get you to where you are now?
And if you don’t do this, who will? And how will the planet fare without your gifts fully realized?

Having specialized support – this is not a luxury! It’s crucial when you want to make that leap. When you are stepping up, you need the most cutting edge support. You need a place to go that will train you and help you get to the truth quickly when you are at the threshold where you’ll either pass through, or turn back once again.

I’m Denise Barnes. I can help  you heal the sabotage patterns, and bring all of your gifts forward, current and past life, in service of your current soul mission. My passion is helping women, and cool men, live this life in a way that they’ll be at peace – and grinning madly – when they die. You know like that quote about the chocolate, dancing, wild yeehawing slide into death.

My background bits:
I’m a licensed therapist, M.A. level for 25 years, a trained life coach for 10
For 19 years I counseled cancer patients facing life threatening illness, to come to peace
For 10 years, I’ve taught workshops on spiritual and practical brilliance with money and business
My spiritual business training has included M Silver, R Middleton, K Mallory, A Presuel
I’ve trained with psychic healer Anamari MacNamara  to offer soul retrieval and energy healing
I’m also a comedienne/singer-songwriter, performed/produced/penned a one woman show for the Boulder Fringe Festival, and won the 2007 Westword Best of Denver award for my Sunday services, Kick Ass Peace Prayers, by my comedy character Tina Tomasichio

To get started I recommend these steps:

Join the Soul Savvy ezine – to get regular inspiration with a soulful and humorous edge, to instruct and encourage your soul fired stretches. Sign up on the right panel there, with that Instant Access button.  You can unsubscribe easily at any time, and it’s a spam free zone.

Call me for a consult - Want to sample some wisdom from this kick ass coach/healer/therapist/performer? Email me for a consult time. It won’t take long – you can test drive my intuitive hits, the truth telling therapeutic coaching, and the knowledge base I’ll share on why it’s hard to leap. And how to make it fun. 303.543.9315 or Denise at SoulSavvy dot net.

“Before I met Denise Barnes, I had never really worked with a business or life coach. I was raised to view asking for help as a sign of weakness and I was also convinced I couldn’t afford it. Denise gently and compassionately helped me open to my inner management guru. She helped me set reachable goals and then turned me onto the books, people, technologies and methods that I needed in order to take responsibility for my goals and actively move towards attaining them.

Since I started working with Denise, my business has grown to a level I could barely have imagined before. Denise’s combination of spiritual presence and material-world know-how enabled me to take concrete steps in one of the most rewarding journeys of my life – the journey to true wealth. Now it’s hard for me to imagine not working with a coach. “

- DK Brainard, Author and Astrologer, http://www.wordsforthepeople.com

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